Technical Communication Basics

It’s often impossible to fix a misunderstanding where technology is concerned. If you haven’t identified and communicated your needs clearly at the beginning of a technology project, there may be little or no room for changes later on. Software systems have so many dependencies that a seemingly minor change can ripple outward and cause dozens of unforeseen, undesired consequences. Therefore, a change that might have been easy to implement early on is virtually impossible during the later stages.

Why Does Communication Matter Where Technology Is Concerned?

  • As with anything, misunderstandings in the technical realm lead to wasted time and effort. Anyone who’s worked on a help-desk can tell you about a time when he or she spent hours researching and troubleshooting something for a client, only to realize later that they were solving the wrong problem. Of course, this is a loss for the end user as well, who has to wait that much longer for an answer.
  • Of course, poor communication often erodes good will and poisons office relationships.

Key Actions

You should ask yourself several questions whenever you have a major conversation about technology, whether you’re talking to an individual or a group: