Library Tech Support Evaluation Sheet


1. Do you have a regular maintenance checklist for your computers?

A Cookbook for Small and Rural Libraries contains routine maintenance checklists.

2. Have you considered your IT staffing requirements and alternate staffing solutions (e.g., consultants, shared IT staff)?

See IT Hiring for further details.

3. What should you look for when you’re hiring a new techie? How do you write the job description, what questions do you ask at the interview and how do you evaluate the candidates?

Check out IT Hiring for more information about screening and interviewing potential IT staff.

4. Do you need policies regarding:

  • Help request workflows?
  • Help-desk priorities?
  • Guaranteed service levels?

See our Help-Desk Policies and Procedures page.

5. Would help-desk management software improve communication and efficiency in your library?

See our Help-Desk Software page.

6. Do you need remote desktop software? If you have many branches and few IT staff, the answer is probably yes.

See our Remote Desktop Software page.

7. What are the pros and cons of letting staff perform their own routine maintenance and troubleshooting? Is there a compromise between overcentralized IT and chaotic, decentralized IT?

See our IT Standardization page and the Help-Desk Policies and Procedures section.

8. Should you make more of an effort to standardize your IT infrastructure? Consistent, standard hardware and software are much easier to maintain.

See our IT Standardization page.