Five Ways to Treat Your Old Computer with Respect

In the life of every computer, there comes a day when you have to pat it on the monitor and say goodbye. It has served you faithfully (mostly), but it doesn’t fetch URLs as fast as it used to and it chews up your Microsoft Word documents.

So how do you treat an old computer with the dignity and respect it deserves?

You have several options. You can:

  • Rejuvenate it. Would more RAM or a faster operating system make the computer usable again? To learn more, check out Extending the Life of Your Computer.
  • Reuse it. Can you find a new, less stressful role for the computer within your organization? For more information, check out Extending the Life of Your Computer.
  • Refurbish it. Locate a new home for the computer at another organization. Getting Rid of Old Computers Responsibly discusses computer refurbishers who can spruce up your old computer and then donate it or sell it.
  • Recycle it. If the machine is so old that no one wants it anymore, send it to a responsible recycler. Getting Rid of Old Computers Responsibly has information on finding an electronics recycler who will dispose carefully of the parts and materials in your old PC.
  • Replace it. You can anticipate that most computers will die or reach obsolescence in three, four or five years. Plan carefully so you have money and staff time available when you need them. Replacing and Upgrading Technology can help you decide when and how to replace your hardware and software.