Portland Public Library

BTOP Projects at Work: Assessing the Effectiveness of Programs

Grant funding can provide essential supports to libraries and non-profits in the face of frozen or shrinking budgets. But without proper metrics, it can be difficult to determine the usefulness and efficacy of funded resources. A non-profit agency in Washington and a library in Maine are two examples of organizations that have developed ways to assess the materials and programming provided by NTIA’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant funding.

Connecting BTOP Peers to Collaborate, Learn, and Train

As part of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Project (BTOP), which is a federal stimulus program for thousands of organizations and public libraries around the country to help expand and improve broadband access, we’ve been interviewing grantees to glean their best practices, challenges, opportunities, and hopes for the projects they’re working on.

How broadband connects islands

I know people who live on islands. It's a dreamy, idyllic life for a city-slicker outsider like myself. But as most grass-is-always-greener stories go, there's a deeper, more complicated subtext to the reality of island living.