Go Mobile with Your Library's Adult Programming

Got a bunch of mobile devices sitting around at your library, but not sure what to do with them? We've got some ideas for you! In last week's webinar, Adult Library Programs Gone Mobile, we invited librarians Ann Awakuni and Jezmynne Dene to share their ideas and experiences.

Just so handy: The impact of smartphones on public access computer usage in libraries

Ever since I bought a smartphone, my digital camera, video camera, and Nook have been gathering dust on the shelf. I also find that I use my laptop a lot less on the weekends. It's just so handy to use my smartphone to do those things (take photos, shoot videos, read e-books, and check email). I also used to stop at libraries and coffee shops to use wireless when I was traveling. Now I just use my smartphone to keep up while away. Thinking about my own changed habits since acquiring a smartphone has me wondering, how are smartphones impacting public access computing in libraries?