windows steadystate

Saving Space at our Rural Library with Laptops

Laptops could be a good solution for small libraries that don't have the space for a permanently installed computer lab. We're a small, rural public library (pop. 5200 (winter) to 8000 (summer). We have three public desktops, one stand up express station, and 6 public laptops, simply because we lack the space, and the desire, for a dedicated computer area. When I teach a computer class, I set up the laptops in one of our two small meeting rooms.

Windows 7 and Shared Computers

Microsoft released a new version of Windows last fall, a recurring event that always results in new decisions and new questions for libraries, especially those that provide shared, public access computers.  Perhaps the most pressing question for small and budget-strapped libraries is, “Is Windows 7 compatible with Windows SteadyState?"