Windows 7: We Want to Know What You Want to Know!

Windows 7Windows 7 is being touted as the simplest version of Windows yet.

TechSoup is starting to prepare all the information that nonprofits and libraries will need to know about Windows 7 when it launches on our site on October 22 and becomes available for donation requests on November 1. We want to gather any and all questions that the nonprofit community has on the product. We are wondering what your concerns may be about the product. For example, why you would want to upgrade, if upgrading would interact with your existing data, what the hardware specs are that would be needed for this upgrade, what the different and enhanced features are with Windows, etc.

Reply to this thread in TechSoup's community forums, and let us know what you are wondering about Windows 7. All opinions and questions welcome!

**This was originally posted on the TechSoup Blog and was written by Susan Tenby, TechSoup's  Senior Manager, Online Community Development.