Further Resources

Buying Refurbished Computers

  • There are over 500 Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers in the U.S., Canada and Latin American countries. TechSoup has a list that you can search by ZIPW code. Most of these refurbishers provide low-­cost IT equipment to libraries in addition to schools, nonprofits and low­-income families.
  • There are several large, commercial suppliers of refurbished computers. Some of the better­-known companies include:
    • Redemtech is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher that sells Windows XP — installed desktops and laptops with a 90­-day warranty plus Microsoft service and support.
    • TechTurn Refurbished Computers is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher selling open­-box, refurbished, and scratch and dent inventory with a 90-­day warranty and genuine Windows software.
    • Intechra Outlet sells factory refurbished excess inventory, open­-box returns and off­-lease computers and monitors with a 120­-day parts/labor warranty.
    • Dell Outlet sells previously ordered new, certified refurbished, and scratch and dent inventory with the same Dell warranty given to customers buying built-to-order Dell systems and a 21­-day return policy.
    • HP Outlet sells refurbished desktops and laptops with either a 90­-day or 1-­year warranty depending upon the model purchased.
  • To learn more about refurbishing, reusing and recycling computers, see TechSoup’s directory of reuse and recycling articles. PC Bargain Hunter also has some advice on buying used equipment.

Leasing Computers and Other Equipment

Warranties and Service Plans

Disk-Cloning in Libraries

Installing and Patching Software

Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager and Novell’s ZENworks are two popular systems management suites. Qualified organizations can purchase System Center Configuration Manager from TechSoup for $52. In a Windows Active Directory environment, you can also use Group Policy and MSI files to deploy software, though this requires some in-depth knowledge to accomplish.