Fifteen Ways to Effectively Use Web 2.0 Tools

It’s all about sharing information, just using new tools. Instead of pencils, card catalogs or even databases, it’s blogs, wikis and There are millions of blogs and online resources. The library cannot track and keep up with everything. Create teams and pilot Web 2.0 projects. Some key ideas include:

  1. Web 2.0 lunch discussions
  2. Learning partners or mentors
  3. Fifteen minute demos for staff and patrons
  4. Fifteen minutes of personal learning
  5. Online marketing projects
  6. Workshops on emerging technology updates
  7. Personal development time for online exploration
  8. Promote staff use of
  9. Show and tell technology topics
  10. Attend state and national conferences (Internet Librarian and Computers in Libraries are great)
  11. Host blogs; read and comment on blogs
  12. Subscribe to journals that address Web 2.0 technologies
  13. Participate in Webinars and Web casts
  14. Attend local workshops
  15. Create an emerging tech committee, wiki and/or blog

Instant messaging is important, and Meebo in particular seems to be a library favorite, as it is easy to use and to add to an existing library Web site (see Meebo adds value to a static Web site without requiring big changes. Instant messaging with Meebo “pushes” your reference service where it’s needed the most — side by side with other instantaneous services. But the true value point is the human being — moderating and interacting with the community.