Troubleshooting Problems with a Network Printer

Reboot the computer. If there’s a print job stuck in the local print queue, this usually clears the problem. Log on again and try to print a test page from Microsoft Word.
If you’re still having a problem printing, open a Web browser and try to access one or two different Web pages. If you can’t access them, you probably have an Internet connection problem rather than a printer problem.
3 Try printing to the same networked printer from another computer. If you succeed in printing from another PC, the problem is local to the first machine and you should skip to step 10.
Make sure the printer is plugged in and check that the lights are on.
Check the paper trays and make sure there’s paper.
Check for paper jams. If you find one, turn off the printer and slowly, carefully pull out the paper.
Many printers have any online/offline button. Make sure the display indicates that the printer is online.
Many printers have a resume button that you have to press after a problem or interruption.
If you’re still having trouble, turn the printer off and on again.
If the problem is only happening on one computer, try printing from another program.
If you have authorization, go to Start -> Settings -> Printers. Make sure that the network printer you’re trying to print to is listed and set as the default. If you don’t know the name of the network printer, you can often find a label on the printer itself. If you’re still not sure, write down the name of the default printer so you can tell tech support.
Double-click on the icon corresponding to the printer you’re trying to print to. Delete any stalled print jobs. Also, make sure the printer itself isn’t paused.
If you’re still experiencing a problem, call tech support.