Firewalls at a Glance

With so many firewall products on the market, trying to fit each into a specific category would be nearly impossible. The following categories provide generalized descriptions of the most typical firewalls for different­-sized library networks. The manufacturers listed do not represent recommendations nor are they restricted to any particular category;they are meant to provide common names for each category.

Basic – Firewall commonly found in homes, small offices and small libraries.
From $50­ - $150
These firewalls provide basic port forwarding, packet filtering and logging. Although the specification may claim to support more connections, these are generally designed to support networks with 5-­10 computers.
Belkin, D­Link, Linksys and Netgear
Mid­range – These firewalls, made by Watchguard, Symantec and Sonicwall, are found in medium-sized libraries with more specific needs and with 10-­50 computers.
From $300­ - $700
These firewalls provide more advanced, stateful packet inspection and technologies such as VPN, user authentication, and content filtering.
Watchguard, Symantec and Sonicwall
Advanced – For larger library systems, advanced firewalls offer very high capacity and feature-­rich devices.
From $2,000 to well into five­ figures
You will not find these in most small to medium libraries.
Cisco, Checkpoint and Juniper