Edge Benchmark

Making Technology Accessible to Everybody

How the Skokie Public Library formed community partnerships to ensure all patrons' technology needs were met.
Skokie, IL
Holly Jin and Gary Gustin

Known as "The World's Largest Village," Skokie is located near Chicago and has a population of 62,000. The Skokie Public Library serves a large number of older people, as many Holocaust survivors settled in the area. To meet the needs of these aging patrons, the Skokie Public Library has expanded its accessible technology, programs, and services. They are the perfect library to highlight Edge Benchmark 11: Libraries ensure participation in digital technology for people with disabilities.

Building Smart from the Start

Staff input key to designing a useful training portal at a Texas library
Houston, TX
Suzy Benton and Thuy Vo

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

A library meets Benchmark 5 through careful planning and strategic partnerships
Ortonville, Michigan
Paula Gauthier

Building Partnerships Together

A library combines forces to extend the greater good
Greenville, South Carolina
Jill Cornwell

The Greenville County Library System in South Carolina has extended its influence and impact throughout the region by creating and fostering partnerships with other community organizations. Not only have these collaborations increased access and instruction to technology, their success demonstrates that library services need not be direct to have an effect on the population — and underscore the power of combining energy and resources to achieve common goals.