Escondido Public Library

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A library turns to government agencies to help patrons find and use government information effectively
Ramsey County, MN
Susan Nemitz

It’s no secret that government information can be hard to locate and difficult to understand. One library director, Susan Nemitz, is working to change this by having government employees train her librarians, who in turn share this information with the public.

In this case study, we'll be looking at Edge Benchmark 3.2: The library supports use of public technology for eGovernment or legal purposes.

Sharing local knowledge

How one program generated content, training, and programming
Escondido, CA
Donna Feddern (in photo at the farmer's market to promote LibraryYOU: Joanna Axelrod, Donna, and Viktor Sjöberg from EPL)

LibraryYOU is a project by the Escondido Public Library to share local knowledge through videos and podcasts. It consists of a recording studio to help patrons create content, a website to showcase the content, and training classes to help our community learn how to communicate with these popular online multimedia formats. Funded by an LSTA grant, we are halfway through our wonderful experiment and have been pleased by the positive reception from both our community and the larger international library community.