An IT Person in the House

How one library system turned accidental techies into in-house experts
Bemidji, MN
Paul Ericcson

The Bemidji Public Library, located only a few blocks away from scenic Lake Bemidji in Northern Minnesota (and near the statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox), is the kind of library that checks out puzzles, fishing rods, and life jackets in addition to lending books and hosting lectures.

Libraries and IT: A Win-Win Situation

How one librarian turned a county IT department into a shared asset
Marysville, CA
Loren MccRory

The Yuba County Library, located on the banks where the Feather River forks, is the county’s sole branch, serving a population of 70,000 people spread over 600 square miles. Over the past few years, Yuba County has been among the fastest-growing counties in California, making the need for modern library services even more urgent.

Working Together: Thriving With Minimal Outside Help

How confidence, communication, and community can result in a happier staff and public computers that hum
Ruidoso, NM
Phyllis Reed

In a small mountain town in southeastern New Mexico, Phyllis Reed directs Ruidoso Public Library with little outside technical help. Despite its somewhat oxymoronic name (Ruidoso means “noisy” in Spanish), and the fact that the clientele population snowballs during the winter, the library runs smoothly and efficiently.

Everyone’s a Potential Library Supporter

How a small-town library is a big-time force in the community
Sidney, MT
Renee Goss

For Renee Goss, Director of the Richland County Library in Sidney, Montana, bringing the Internet to her rural community wasn’t easy. Despite limited funds and few resources, Goss' creativity, willingness to learn, and business savvy persevered, allowing her to bring the advantages of the information age to her small county of fewer than ten thousand residents.

Learning without Fear, and a Few Lessons in Between

How a self-­taught techie keeps one library up and running
Hearne, TX
Faye Hover

Faye Hover, the director and IT Manager of the Smith­Welch Memorial Library manages a slim staff—just three full­time librarians—yet manages to offer programs, services, and a lot of heart to the people of Hearne, Texas.

That Darned Fax Machine

How a can-do attitude and perseverance helped Calhoun County Public Library take full advantage of the opportunities presented to implement technology
Blountsville, FL
Rita Maupin

Calhoun County, located in northwestern Florida in one of the state’s five poorest counties, isn't home to any IT companies, nor does the county government have a system in place to help its agencies with their technology needs.

Decentralizing the Knowledge Base

How Suwannee Library System’s decision to share technical know-how resulted in more than just less time behind the wheel
Live Oak, FL
Sherry Millington

(Sherry Millington and Sarah Washburn)

When you're one of two staff members in charge of fulfilling the technical needs of eight libraries spread across three rural counties, you can lose a lot of time simply driving between branches—unless you've got a plan like Sherry Millington's.